Understand the position – listen to the body

Understand the position – listen to the body

A few months ago while reading an article Yogi and Spanish writer Ramiro Calle Commented that sometimes spent more than half an hour in the same Asana, without changing it so that just by understanding it.

At that moment, I thought it was a statement not only greatly exaggerated but also that could not be in a “normal” practice of yoga. Months after reading the statement that it still seems rather exaggerated, but I understand the background.

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Sometimes we rushed into our practice of Asana. We jump from one position to another mechanically, as if they were part of a series of aerobic whose sole purpose tone was that of our body.Understand the position – listen to the body

However, it produces a more beneficial if we learn to listen to our bodies. And I speak from a psychological point of view, but purely physical. If we can maintain the same asana for a few minutes (three or four) we will realize how muscles tell us things.

We suggest, first, what is malfunctioning in our position: where are the tensions, how can we relax certain muscles that should not be tense at the moment, etc.

In addition, exploring each position, get “empty the mind” more easily, because we do not have to imagine the next asana, but to be this: just be present.

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