New Study Ford: Driving A Sports Car Positively Affects Health

New Study Ford: Driving A Sports Car Positively Affects Health

Ford, like us, is concerned to satisfy its customers as much as possible. The company conducts research in the field of ergonomics and the impact of driving on the human body. As a result, we can say that a sports car acts on its driver as a sport or even a therapeutic exercise.

Dynamics that positively affect self-esteem

Every driver who has long owned a car and is not afraid to ride a speed knows the positive feelings from the state of “flight”. As a person who has owned and used his sports car almost exclusively for the last 20 years, I can personally agree with this.

The company Ford has conducted detailed studies of the influence of sports cars on the brain impulses of people. As a result, the scientists found that the car in its influence is ahead of other ways of extreme driving: horse racing, roller coaster, etc. The brain during the ride enters a special state that promotes recovery.

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The results of the study, conducted jointly with neurobiologists and designers, will be applied to the design of new models. It’s about developing artificial intelligence. Almost every automobile company declares attention in this direction. In this case, Ford studies the influence of driving on emotions to create an active human-machine interface, responsive to emotions and the driver’s state in real time.

Ford conducts research on the influence of sports cars on the condition of drivers with neurobiologists

New Study Ford: Driving A Sports Car Positively Affects HealthThe dazzling influence of science

Ford teamed up with Design works and spent 1,400 hours researching the impact of the sports car’s movement, the results were expected, but still, all the participants were pleasantly surprised:

“This study shows how driving a high-performance car affects neurobiological impulses more than in other cases, and the driver gets all A to Z – this research can become a part of the daily life of the future,” said Dr. Harry Vittchel, head of the direction of physiological research.

Studies were conducted not only on people, rather experiments with people had a confirmatory character. Scientists have determined that the guinea pigs sitting in the Buzz car have experienced high-intensity emotional stress, which can be described as a state of happiness.

New Study Ford: Driving A Sports Car Positively Affects HealthHealth and happiness

The results of studies of the influence of sports cars while driving on the brain were transferred to the Ford Research and Innovation Center in Aachen, Germany. Ford, as a result, has confirmed its commitment to high-speed cars that contribute to a healthy and happy state of perception of the surrounding reality.

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“We believe that driving should be enjoyable, emotional,” said Dr. Marcel Matisseen, a researcher at Ford of Europe.

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