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Guide To Learn Quantitative Methods In Economics


Learn Quantitative Methods In Economics? In a series of entries I will present a brief guide of recommendations to learn quantitative methods in economics. My main objective is that such a guide be useful for those students who feel the need to complete the scarce training in this area offered by many of the undergraduate curricula of the faculties of economics of Spain. A secondary objective is that the guide can serve third parties interested in these issues, from economists who have been engaged in other tasks to readers of different fields of knowledge for a long time. Continue reading Guide To Learn Quantitative Methods In Economics

What will happen to the City and thousands of well-paying jobs after Brexit?


London is the undisputed financial capital of the EU, although that may change after the Brexit. Most City workers were against the Brexit (and the population of London in general), is that, knew existed many possibilities of losing their jobs if there was Brexit.

The survival of the City as a European financial center (to give us an idea is the largest hub currency exchange in Euros in the world), it will mainly depend on two things, the first is the “passport” which allows banks of any country operating in another, the second is the movement people. Approximately 11% of the 360,000 workers in the City come from other EU countries. Freedom of movement of people allowed to bring easily qualified workers across Europe.

Suppose there is agreement

When we talk about the possibilities of the United Kingdom after the Brexit, we talked about the possibility for the EU to sign some agreement with the UK as it has with Switzerland and Norway. Switzerland and Norway waive part of its national sovereignty and contribute to the EU budget in order to have access to the vast European countries equivalent to market that are part of the EU.

In a way, small countries do not find it so bad relinquish some of their national sovereignty; they get much more to be integrated in such a large economic bloc. The question is whether a country which has just voted, among other reasons, to get rid of the EU regulation, to contribute to the budgets and freedom of movement of people, accept a similar agreement. Continue reading What will happen to the City and thousands of well-paying jobs after Brexit?