Five signs that your roof is leaking

If your roof is leaking, it can cause havoc in your home; therefore, identifying roof leaks early and resolving them quickly is vital to avoid damage to your walls, foundations and exterior. Here we look at five signs that your roof is leaking.

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1. Watch out for mould on the exterior walls of your building. This might be caused by issues with gutters or your downpipes, which can lead to other roof problems.

2. Have you noticed drips and condensation? If there are drips running down the walls inside your house, there may be a leak in your roof. Get this checked, as chronic moisture issues can cause permanent damage.

Call the roofing experts

3. If you spot any missing tiles or shingles on your roof, it is likely to develop a leak. Repairing a roof is a job that has to be done by a professional, as working at heights is a risky business. Even professionals suffer accidents, with 392,000 sick days taken by the construction industry due to accidents in the workplace between 2014 and 2017.

Reputable Cheltenham roofers such as hempstedroofing will be happy to quote for repairs to your roof. You can be assured that they will have in place all the necessary health and safety measures to complete the job without any accidents or incidents.

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Be vigilant for water damage

4. Any water stains that look like puddles on your walls, perhaps ringed in a brown colour, are a sign that water has travelled down through your walls from a leak in your roof. It might be difficult to spot stains in darker corners; however, if you do notice discolouration, look for other signs – such as mould or moisture damage – that could indicate your roof is leaking.

5. If your exterior walls are mouldy or mossy, you may have problems with your gutters or could have a leak in your roof. You can use gutter covers or replace old sagging gutters to reduce the impact of water escaping and damaging your external walls.

Watch out for these five signs and call in an expert to check your roof and your gutters if you spot any problems that might indicate your roof is leaking. If the problem is spotted early, it will often be quick and easy to fix.

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