The bugs and bacteria living in your carpet.

One of the best ways to ensure that your carpet is completely clean and hygienic is to enlist the help of a Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company like who will ensure that your carpet is sanitised during the cleaning process.

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Your carpet is one of the areas in your house that can be a breeding ground for both numerous bugs, germs and bacteria. This is due to the amount of time that you spend walking and sitting on your carpet, along with the pets that enjoy lounging around on and a variety of other spillages and stains that occur.

Some of the most serious viruses that can hang around in your carpet include the E.Coli and Salmonella bacteria. This is due to the nature that these are spread and without proper cleaning you can find that they hang around for prolonged periods of time and in some cases even multiple.

Carpets are also jungles for a variety of bugs including dust mites, fleas and ticks that can be brought into the house by your family pets and linger around in the warm, dry pile of your carpet. Pets in general wreak havoc for the cleanliness of your carpet which is why many pet owners opt for hard flooring in the areas that their pets spend most of their time as well as being one of the main reasons why you should regularly have your carpets professionally cleaned. Pets and allowing people to wear their shoes on the carpet are two of the main ways that dirty and germs from outdoors find their way into your carpet and your house.

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It can often be hard to see that your carpet is dirty unless there is an obvious stain or mark on the surface on the flooring. This is why it is best to regularly clean your carpet regardless of the condition that it looks.

Some of the other health risks that can be present in your carpet other than the bacteria that have already been mentioned include:

  • Mould – this can appear in a carpet that is left wet for a long period of time and will rapidly spread out throughout the fibres usually without being detected, unless it begins to smell. Mould spores are incredibly bad for your health particularly for people who pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma and emphysema.
  • Allergens – if you suffer from hayfever or a dust allergy you may find that an unclean carpet will cause you to have an allergy outbreak.

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