Considering the weather if you’re moving to France

Whether you’re looking for a permanent home or a holiday retreat, to narrow down your search you’ll want to identify the right area of France for you. It’s a big country with many different regions, so how do you decide on the best selection of areas?

It’s essential to narrow down what it is you’re looking for in a permanent residence or a holiday home. What are the things that are most important to you?

One major consideration is the climate. What is the weather generally like in the different areas of the country? Most people buying property in France who are moving from abroad choose a location within 2 hours driving distance from one of the main Channel ports. The northern part of France has weather very similar to the south of England, as you can imagine, not being too far from each other distance wise. Inland, you’ll find the temperatures get hotter, especially during the summer but very cold in the winter months.

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The south of France has the most pleasant climate but be prepared to pay for the luxury of living in areas such as Provence or Languedoc. Consider how different living and working in a hot climate is from relaxing whilst you’re on holiday. No doubt these are stunning regions to live in, but they do have their own ‘micro-climates’ to contend with as well. For example, a cold Mistral wind comes down from the mountains and whips through Provence, making it quite uncomfortable at times.

Languedoc has also suffered some serious flash flooding recently, causing considerable damage to towns and villages in the region. However, the area remains as popular as ever, especially amongst the British, Dutch, French and Scandinavians. For Property for sale in France, visit

The French will tell you that things start to warm up as you’re heading south once you’ve crossed the Loire river. Once you’ve crossed the river, the Western departments boast the highest number of sunshine hours outside the Cote d’Azur. However, remember that more sunshine does not equal less precipitation. Regions to the west of the Pyrenees are stunning but also receive significant amounts of rainfall in autumn and winter.

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Therefore, when it comes to choosing an area by weather, it might be worth digging a little deeper to find out what you can really expect if you’re planning on spending many months in an area. For a holiday property, work out what times of the year you’ll be visiting. For information on weather and climate in areas you’re interested in, visit Meteo France.


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