Interior design tips for your park home

There are many benefits to living within a park home, such as enjoying a convenient, comfortable and affordable way of life.

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Transforming a house into a home is one of the most important goals of interior design, and we all want our homes to reflect our unique and different tastes. Here are some interior design tips for your park home.

Move sofas from the walls

Although a simple design tip, moving furniture and sofas away from walls can create a less formal and more intimate setting. You may feel that making such a change may limit how spacious your home feels, but by strategically placing furniture you can ensure that your home does not feel cramped. Experiment with the space to find out what works for you.

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Storage solutions

If you have downsized your home for a park home then you may be struggling to find space to store all your belongings. This is where clever storage solutions can prove extremely useful, even simple cheap storage boxes can help you place your items out of sight.

Wicker baskets or attractive storage boxes can instantly organise your home and make it appear more spacious and less cluttered.

Be bold

Adding personality and unique touches to your park house are what creates a home, so do not be afraid to try new styles. Incorporating unique elements and dramatic, bold pieces is a great way to transform your home, as well as bring your home right up-to-date with the latest trends.

Library style bookshelves or unique ottoman seating add an extra special touch to your home, and add character.

Add mirrors to create space

Hanging mirrors around your park home creates a feeling of space, as well as adding a touch of chic. Place mirrors directly opposite windows to reflect the natural light and provide your room with a much brighter look.

Less is more

Try to resist cramming lots of furniture and ornaments into your home, or overloading the space with different items to create a dramatic impact. Instead, adopt the motto that sometimes less is more.

As well as opening up the space, less furniture shopping will also save you money. Focus on buying quality items rather than quantity to transform your home and create the perfect appearance.


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