4 great tips to enjoy the ideal parquet floor

Parquet is an attractive and stylish choice of flooring and has earned a growing number of supporters since it was first introduced in the late 1600s. With various styles and designs to choose from, parquet flooring is very versatile and can add a traditional or contemporary feel to a home. Here are four ways to ensure you make the most of your parquet flooring.

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1 Screed must be dry when laying flooring

It’s vitally important that the screed you lay the parquet flooring on is dry before starting installation. It shouldn’t contain any more than 1.5% moisture levels. If the screed isn’t dry, it can make the floor expand and even force it upwards. To encourage moisture levels to drop, turn the heating on before and during the installation process. Additionally, make sure the subfloor is in good condition beforehand.

According to Home Flooring Pros replace pieces of the subfloor that are visibly warped or rotten.

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2 The right tools for the job

Even if you have chosen high-quality parquet, from reputable suppliers, such as http://www.wilsonsyard.com/products/wooden-flooring.html, who provide parquet flooring in Ireland and elsewhere, having the right tools for the job is vital to ensure superior results. For this job, you will need adjustable spacers, a buffer block and a metal pinch bar. This allows you to easily install the flooring and prevent damage from occurring.

3 Perfecting floor heating

Floor heating works really well with parquet flooring, but there are a few things you need to think about during the installation process.

You’ll need to install the floor heating prior to laying the parquet flooring, at least two weeks beforehand is the recommended timeframe. Don’t turn the floor heating on during installation of the parquet, and make sure the temperature is below 18°C before you start laying the floor. Avoid allowing the contact temperature of the parquet to exceed 28°C.

Once you’ve installed your parquet flooring, wait at least 48 hours before turning the floor heating on, and remember to keep the atmospheric humidity of the room between 40 and 60%.

4 Oil aftercare

Keep your parquet flooring looking in pristine condition by oiling it with a suitable product for wood floors. As well as restoring the original look and feel of the flooring, oiling it prevents the parquet from appearing dry and dull.

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