How To Increase Breast Milk Lactation?

How To Increase Breast Milk Lactation?

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of breast milk for an infant. Such food is the most organic for the crumbs, provides it with all the elements necessary for growth and development, completely replaces not only food, but also drink, and at the same time, it is absorbed easily and naturally. According to statistics, infants are less prone to colds, and their immunity in the first years of life is much stronger than that of their peers-artificial. However, not every mommy can manage to breastfeed – without knowing its basics, you can make a lot of effort and not achieve tangible results, providing the baby with milk. Our tips will tell you how to increase breast milk and make HB easy and enjoyable.

How To Increase Breast Milk Lactation?

Bottle or chest? A dilemma of the first year of life

The shelves of modern supermarkets simply burst with the abundance of all sorts of infant formula, expensive and cheaper. A balanced composition, the adjusted amount of vitamins, macro-and micronutrients promise to provide the baby with perfectly harmonious nutrition from the first days of life, but none of them can match the mother’s milk. Breastfeeding has many undeniable advantages for the baby:

  • Full menu. Breast milk – both food and drink at the same time. Its natural composition includes a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, and water, which are easily digested and allow the child to quickly gain weight and, consequently, develop physically. Vitamins, salts, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other components that are so necessary for this difficult period, the baby also receives from HB, which means that he will not need additional pharmacological additives.
  • Strong immunity. The first six months of the infant’s life, his immune system is not sufficiently developed; therefore, mother’s breast milk provides resistance to diseases. And in the future, the frequency of complicated colds in infants is significantly lower than in the artificial.
  • No allergic reactions. Even the most modern mixture causes hypersensitivity in newborns much more often than breast milk.

How To Increase Breast Milk Lactation?

However, for a nursing mother, this method of feeding is also the most preferable, because it combines many advantages:

  • Fast recovery. HBV contributes to the rapid reduction of the uterus after childbirth, serves as a preventive measure for bleeding and helps mom to quickly restore the “pregenerative” forms, since it has a positive effect on metabolism.
  • Convenience. You do not have to choose the most suitable mixture for a long time, get up at night to prepare a bottle, worry about food for the child while traveling – everything you need is always at hand.
  • Psychological factor. When breastfeeding produced special hormones, which have a calming and relaxing effect. This effect is especially valuable in the difficult period of the first months of a baby’s life when a newly-made mother can feel exhausted and overly wound up.

That is why many women are worried about how to increase breast milk and how to provide the baby with such valuable nutrition as long as possible, a full replacement for which, alas, does not yet exist.

How To Increase Breast Milk Lactation?

How to adjust lactation? First mistakes

One should take care of how to increase breast milk in the maternity hospital – this is where the basics of hepatitis B are laid, and if everything is done correctly, this process will bring a maximum of pleasure to both mother and baby. Take care of this in advance by discussing with the staff all the important nuances:

  1. The first attachment of the child to the breast should take place immediately after birth – this will help him properly perceive the breast.
  2. Additional feeding with a mixture is permissible only in cases of extreme necessity – once having tried a bottle; the newborn will not be interested in “getting” food from the breast.
  3. Try to put the baby to the breast as often as possible – this is what allows you to increase lactation to a greater extent.
  4. Do not take your pacifier with you, so that you will not be tempted to give it to your child if he starts to act up.
  5. Do not be alarmed if the first 3-4 days the amount of colostrums produced is minimal – it is very nutritious so even a couple of drops of the baby will be enough to eat. Milk flow usually occurs 3-5 days after delivery.
  6. Do not use a breast pump – it may increase breast milk too much, and it will be extremely uncomfortable for the infant to eat. Everything should be in moderation!

How To Increase Breast Milk Lactation?

All these tips are relevant in the joint finding of the baby and mother. If the circumstances are such that temporarily the child must be isolated, you will have to act on the situation. Bring bottles with the smallest holes in the nipples out of the house, since the hospital ones have too much flow and the baby will quickly get used to the free flow of food. Regularly decant so that breast milk does not go away. And as soon as the doctors allow you to feed yourself, try to wean the baby away from the bottle – if you get hungry, he will reach for the food source.

How to understand if the baby has enough breast milk?

It may seem to many moms that the baby does not eat enough and even after a long feeding remains hungry. In fact, the duration of the meal does not affect the amount of food eaten – many children can suck their breasts just like that. If you are plagued by doubts, pay attention to the signs that tell you exactly if the newborn has enough nutrition:

  • if a baby has filled at least 4-5 diapers in a day and defecated 2-3 times, you need not worry – his body receives the required amount of food;
  • listen to how the newborn swallows – if it doesn’t just suck the breast, but actively swallows, then the volume of milk is sufficient;
  • if the weight gain is going at an active pace, the child looks vigorous and cheerful, discard doubts – you do not need to increase lactation.

How To Increase Breast Milk Lactation?

If you find yourself in at least one of the above signs, then you should seriously think about how to increase the production of breast milk. Do not try to feed the crumbs with the mixture – as a result, he can completely give up HB, and you will have to either decant or completely switch to artificial feeding.

How to increase breast milk? Practical advice

As soon as you find that the baby does not get enough, you should not look in a panic for a consultant for GW and even more so run to the store for a mix – there are many ways to increase breast milk at home. The correct mode and secrets of traditional medicine will allow you to save GW and provide the crumbs with such valuable milk.

Correctly make up the mode of feeding.

The mammary glands are arranged quite deliberately: the greater the need for milk, the more it will be produced. Therefore, the only important rule is to keep the baby at the breast as much as he needs! And let this time seem infinite to you, just take a relaxing pose, turn on your favorite series, sit back on the bed – and feed. Even if it seems to you that the newborn just plays around and only sucks slightly, do not wean him – when he fully eats up or falls asleep, he will release the nipple.

How To Increase Breast Milk Lactation?

Alternate feeding from different breasts. When it seems to you that the baby has stopped actively swallowing, offer him a second breast – perhaps he will want to eat more. And the next feeding is already starting from the second breast – so the child will be able to receive not only the lighter anterior but also the nourishing back milk.

To increase the volume of milk, you should also abandon feedings “by the hour.” Apply the baby as often as he wants, and the more often the better – the milk will come all the time. Even at night, do not leave him without food – for this time it is better to organize joint sleep or get up for feedings every one and a half to two hours. Usually, in 2-3 days of this regime, the amount of milk can be increased to the required level, and constant feedings disappear by themselves. So do not worry that this “groundhog day” will last forever – just use this opportunity to once again take a break from everyday problems.

How To Increase Breast Milk Lactation?

And of course, the most important rule for mothers who want to increase lactation – do not be nervous. Experiences about the fact that you will not be able to save GV, and the child will have to be transferred to the mixture, in no way will improve the situation. So quietly exhale, look at your crumbs and start enjoying every moment together!

Secrets of traditional medicine: herbals

If you have little breast milk, you can quickly fix this problem by using proven alternative medicine recipes. Broths, tinctures, and foods with the addition of special herbs will help increase lactation in just a couple of days.

How To Increase Breast Milk Lactation?

TOP 3 proven recipes

  1. Tea with chamomile. Brew chamomile flowers 2-3 times a day sweetened with boiling water, and the milk will gradually begin to arrive. This method is good not only for those who want to keep GW but also for those who want to strengthen the nervous system, relieve stress and slightly improve digestion.
  2. Milkshake with carrots. This recipe is suitable for moms whose newborns are not allergic to carrots. Grate 1 root vegetable on a fine grater, cover with a glass of warm milk and let stand for about 5 minutes. Drink this mix 2-3 times a day, and you can double the lactation, and even tripled.
  3. Caraway tea. Pour a tablespoon of cumin ½ liter of boiling water, let it brew a little and use instead of brewing, diluting it with water and a slice of lemon. This drink will significantly increase breast milk, as well as relieve possible colic and digestive problems in infants.

How To Increase Breast Milk Lactation?

To establish HBs and increase breast milk, it does not require any significant efforts – it’s in nature that a woman has to breastfeed a baby, so if you want, everything will work out. And even if at first this process seems too complicated or even unpleasant to you, do not worry – with proper patience, everything will return to normal very quickly, and you will only enjoy close contact with the crumb.

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