How To Get Rid Of Worms During Pregnancy?

How To Get Rid Of Worms During Pregnancy?

Pleasant worm invasion is not enough. Regular itching in the anus, allergic reactions on the skin, loss of appetite are just a few of the symptoms of this disease. Fortunately, today it is treated in two ways: modern drugs do a good job with parasites. But what if worms were found during pregnancy? The answer to this question will be given in the article!

How To Get Rid Of Worms During Pregnancy?

Signs of worms during pregnancy

Before talking about treatment, you should make sure that the disease is present. What symptoms are characteristic for worm infestation? There are several:

  • regularly feeling nauseous;
  • abdominal pains closer to the liver area;
  • irritability and negative mood;
  • fever;
  • a dry cough;
  • allergic skin reactions;
  • poor appetite.

The problem is that the above symptoms can be associated with toxicosis during the first trimester or any infectious disease, so worms during pregnancy are not always the culprits. However, the worm infestation has three characteristic symptoms that we did not mention above:

  • itching around the anus, palpable especially at night;
  • unreasonable weight loss (can occur in especially severe cases);
  • helminth eggs or parasites themselves in feces.

How To Get Rid Of Worms During Pregnancy?

Where the worms come from during pregnancy

Before telling how to get rid of worms during pregnancy and how to treat them, you should be aware of how the parasites enter the body. They can penetrate your body if you:

  1. Eat a badly washed fruit or vegetable. Many gardeners use animal feces for fertilizer: there are a lot of parasite larvae in the feces, so if you eat an unwashed treat once, you can get infected.
  2. Do not wash your hands after the money. Banknote – without exaggeration, one of the most common sources of infection. Just imagine how many hands can pass just one bill, for example, 500 rubles. If you hold money in your hands, and then, without having washed them, you begin to eat, then you risk becoming infected with parasites.
  3. Buying in a freshwater river or a lake. The larvae can penetrate your body through the mucous membrane or if you accidentally swallow the water.
  4. You will often contact infected pets. Many have cats and dogs, but only a few ensure that their four-legged friends do not have worms. If you do not cure your pet, then you risk becoming infected with worms during pregnancy yourself.

How To Get Rid Of Worms During Pregnancy?

As you can see, worms during pregnancy infest for a variety of reasons. So that you do not have to get rid of them in the future, use this information as a preventive measure.

How to get rid of parasites: which pills can be taken in position?

What medications can you drink to get worms pregnant? There is no definite answer to this question. The fact is that all drugs against parasites are strong, and therefore many doctors do not recommend treatment before delivery. But here are two opposing views.

Some doctors say that it is worth suffering and not getting rid of the parasites, as we have just said. And other doctors believe that treatment should begin as soon as possible, especially if the body is infected with Ascaris larvae. The fact is that these parasites can cross the placenta to the fetus and be placed there. If they begin to attack the brain of the embryo, then the baby’s head will increase, which is why the birth will be very hard. If the worms attack the lungs, then in the future the baby may have various problems: for example, pneumonia, SARS, bronchitis and so on.

How To Get Rid Of Worms During Pregnancy?

If you have worms during pregnancy that you want to get rid of, we recommend that you take the necessary tests to find out exactly which parasites attacked your body. With this information, you should go to the doctor. The doctor himself will determine how dangerous these worms are in your position and whether it is worth starting a treatment or is it better to endure it. Do not attempt to take any medication without the permission of the doctor. Only a specialist can answer what is possible and what cannot be drunk if worms start during pregnancy.

Watch for personal hygiene, eat only high-quality and washed food, regularly treat your pets for parasites, and then the worms you just do not start!

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