How To Start A Podcast? Keys In 4 Steps

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How To Start A Podcast? Keys In 4 Steps

What is a podcast?

How to start a podcast. The podcast is a form of audio that can be played in streaming or downloaded from the Internet. In short, the podcast is an online radio program.

There are many directories where you can find podcast, among them the most famous are: iTunes, Souncloud , Stitcher Radio and Google Play Music .

How To Start A Podcast? Keys In 4 StepsWhat do I need to start my own podcast?

Here are 5 key steps to get started with podcasting on the Internet:

The topic: What are you going to talk about?

This is the first step and the one that makes many people who are interested in starting a podcast stop and not advance in the matter. Like many other disciplines, podcasting is a marathon, not a short run, so getting off to a good start is critical to success.

When you think about a topic, try to find something that really appeals to you and feel that it can be lasting in time. You do not want to when you’ve finally built your audience and you’re bored with the theme of your podcast. That is why you need to find a topic that really appeals to you.

How To Start A Podcast? Keys In 4 StepsYour key audience

This is one of the biggest mistakes that usually make all those who dare to start with a podcast, and is that they do not know who they are talking to, therefore do not know if what they are saying is or not interesting for the audience , basically because one has not been built.

Each entrepreneur expects their podcast to be heard by millions of people, and this is a blunder. For wanting to talk to everyone, it ends up talking to anyone. What you should do is build a base of followers with characteristics in common, for it becomes fundamental to understand what the audience you want to target. Ask yourself questions like: Who do I talk to? Men, women, youth, adults? Lovers of technology, nature? Do you want to hear interviews, analysis…? Once you have built the profile of your audience you will have the map by which to guide your podcast.

How To Start A Podcast? Keys In 4 StepsTeam: Is it expensive to start a broadcast?

The first thing we will do is disassemble a myth: you DO NOT need a studio equipped with consoles and foam walls to make a good program. To make a program with excellent quality you need a microphone and a computer. With that it is enough to begin … and to continue. We recommend investing in a good microphone; otherwise, you do not need to be in a recording room with glass walls and audio consoles.

How To Start A Podcast? Keys In 4 StepsHow To Start A Podcast? Keys In 4 StepsEditing and recording software:

In addition to a computer and a microphone will require good recording and editing software that allows us to record and improve the imperfections in the audio. Among the best are: Adobe Audition, which costs $ 20 per month. If you are starting and do not want to spend a lot of money another option can be Audacity , which is excellent for recording and editing and is completely free for Mac and Windows. If you have a Mac, you can use Garage Band that comes preinstalled on computers and is completely free.

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