How to introduce metallic elements into your décor

Metallic tones have been one of the top home stylistic theme trends for the past couple years, and don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. It’s easy to incorporate metallic elements into your décor and each room in your home can profit by a little metallic update. From elements like mirrors to coffee tables, there are countless to bring a touch of bling into your home.

Blending metals used to be a design no-no, however now, it’s just acknowledged for its visually pleasing effect. This provides the perfect opportunity to test and play around with blending gold with silver or bronze with rose gold, for example, all through your home!

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Metallic Home Accents

The metallic theme has been around for quite a while, and in some more seasoned homes, the position or shade of the metallic can look dated. It’s important to concentrate on using style pieces with cleaner lines and blending metals deliberately.

Blending metallics can extend from drawer pulls in the kitchen, to the light installation in the hallway, right to adorned cushions in the living room. When you find the ideal mix in material choices, make sure to feature different hues and materials in the same space. A little goes a long way with metallics.

Kitchen Decor

Everybody adores a spotless and fresh white kitchen, and nothing compliments white cupboards better than bronze cupboard handles. Regardless of whether you have a white kitchen or not, there are different approaches to fuse metallic accents into this space. An idea that works well is to incorporate a metallic hood over your cooktop or another sink fixture. Lighting is another easy location for introducing metallic elements. Consider updating your fixtures and fittings with a look at the metallic range of Ceiling Roses from

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Bathroom Decor

Your bathroom should be an oasis of calm and tranquility, however, if you have started to dread going in there, then an overhaul is most likely overdue. It’s a heavily used room of the home and also the perfect place to introduce metallics. As with the kitchen, there is ample opportunity to add metallic touches in handles, mirrors, sinks and accessories.

Showcase wall in living room or hallway

Have you longed for a real showcase wall in your home, a place to ‘wow’ and set off your décor in a stunning way? Metallics are the perfect solution, not too overpowering but brightening a space, particularly in a monochromatic metallic style.

Why not think about adding bookshelves or shelving to a wall and decorating it with metallic ornaments or collectibles you’ve gathered. |Find books with golden spines, metal bookends or brass knickknacks. Metal art, picture frames or a metallic clock are further ways to add a pop of brightness to your feature wall. Whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom, there are so many different ways to consolidate metallics throughout the home and create an air of elegance in your décor.

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