If you’re going to hire an employee, shuns stereotypes

hire an employee

A young man is more updated knowledge that a person over 45 years. This statement is one of belief that we can find in a selection process that a vacancy decides to limit the age of candidates eligible under this age. The truth is that this can lead to a loss of talent and not hire the best candidate, so if you are going to hire an employee, shuns stereotypes.

hire an employee

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In my working life I have met people in middle age, over 50, with great interest in the new technologies, by adapting to the changes coming to your company. Finally and out they lie ahead still more than three decades of working life. At the same time I also met young people under 30 who could not even create a shortcut on the desktop.

This is just one of the topics. To test knowledge are the tryouts we should incorporate in our selection process. The same goes for other issues such as the salary they are willing to accept, how they would suit a working environment with stress or ability to work overtime when necessary.

The circumstances of each candidate are different. It tend to think that a person over 40 and come with vices acquired from other companies, will not be so easy to suit the way you work or accept having to pitch in a few more hours when necessary.

But also it is despising his experience, which can cause certain problems resolved quickly because they have already dealt with them before. You can not think that someone being younger is willing to change residence or business hours, simply because it has no dependents. Often social life, caring for a pet is as important as for other family life.

Once you have published the conditions of the offer have to make the filter between the candidates sticking to his attitude during the interview and skills of your resume. See if it fits into our organization and motivation they have to give the best of themselves. But always we must leave behind the stereotypes that do not bring us anything positive. For more ideas visit http://reviewsgang.com/.

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