Shimoneta Season 2: Summary and release date!

Shimoneta Season 2

“Shimoneta: A boring world where the concept of dirty jokes does not exist” is a television adaptation of a Japanese series of light adult novels that debuted on July 4, 2015, on AT-X, and later broadcast on Tokyo MX, KBS, TVK, and other Japanese television channels. The anime series has been developed by the studio “JCStaff”, directed by Youhei Suzuki, and is based on the original script written by Masahiro Yokotani- music by Akiyuki Tateyama. FUNimation has licensed the anime series in America. “Shimoneta” is available for streaming video through FUNimation and Hulu websites. Today we will talk about Shimoneta Seson 2 …

“Shimoneta” Animated TV Series Summary

The story takes place in the near future, in Japan, where a “Law on public order and good customs” entered into force. As a result of this law, no games, magazines, movies, and other things that relate to sex or erotic were outlawed and have become the subject to immediate destruction. Therefore, Japan topped the list of countries with high morale in the world. Subsequently, another law has entered into force, which, by saying out loud, no words related to sex were restricted. On the other hand, each resident had been forced to use a special device called “peacemakers (PM)” on his neck. This gadget was able to react in any “obscene word”, whereby the culprit could enter the labor camp. As a result,

The plot revolves around Tanukichi Okuma, a new student, who enrolls in the main “public moral school” in Japan. Although he is an applied student, he was forced to join the organization known as SOX, which aims to spread pornographic production at school. In addition, Tanukichi fell in love with Anna Nishikinomiya, who is the President of the Student Council. However, Anna, who is the daughter of the prominent politician, who promoted the law on morals, does not know the phenomenon as the relationship between man and woman. When Tanukichi discovered that Anna’s mother intends to promote a bill, she decides to voluntarily support SOX. SOX is directed by Ayame Kajou known as “Blue Snow.” She is an insurgent, and usually appears in public places, shouting immoral words and spreading prohibited erotic images. Knowing that he had a Tanukichi sex and that he was against the introduction of the new law, Ayame attracts him from his side.

Shimoneta Season 2 Plot Details

All the events portrayed in the anime adaptation occurred after the government in the country had decided to pass a law that then served as a rule that prohibits talking about sex including watching erotic, so surely pornography and using any inappropriate means of language

So the residents of the new world are highly moral. Through special facilities called “moral chokers,” people come to be seen and therefore they are putting under severe control.

Our main character named Tanukichi Okuma attending an earlier school known for his low morale moves to the school in which the principles of morals are scrupulously protected.

Adaptation in the new moral society takes time, but he is encouraged by his feeling for Anna Nishikinomiya who serves as the President of the Tokioka Student Council.

Our hero is once again in the spotlight to be entrusted to perform the functions of an apprentice in the Student Council for the purpose of maintaining morale among students. He is familiar with all the immoral aspects and therefore is in the image of the ways of how people on the fence.

But this new position is eclipsed by the blackmail of Ayame Kajou, his classmate who is carrying out to make him a member of his terrorist group one of the objectives of which is to implement special actions against his heartbreaker Anna.

Ayame Kajou is nobody but the well-known terrorist called “blue snowball”, which is the immediate spearhead of immoral actions in public. She exploits rude language and distributes pornographic cards everywhere. Accidentally, Tanukichi once again becomes aware of his true nature. So how would you solve this problem? In order to get to know him, let’s follow the series.

Does the Shimoneta Season 2 seem to be a lot of fun?

The story is perceived as something very dynamic and rather relaxing to follow with jokes and teasing that are placed at a high level. The graphic aspect follows the rhythm of the convincing plot.

As a kind of conclusion, we should point out that the series is very likely to be renewed for the second round. But so far there is no information on the sequel, as well as on the release date Shimoneta season 2.

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date

“Shimoneta” season 1, held on September 19, 2015. However, the JCStaff studio has not yet announced its plans to renew or cancel its adult anime series. But the original series of light novels is still ongoing, as is the manga, so we hope to see Shimoneta season 2 in the foreseeable future. Fortunately, thanks to our notification system, we are able to notify you about the renewal or cancellation of the anime series, as well as about the Shimoneta season 2 release date. Do not miss the premiere! Subscribe to the notification service.

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