How To Decorate The Classic Style?

How To Decorate The Classic Style?

The classic style has a timeless elegance. And is that beyond the trends that may have appeared relatively recently, the classic style has managed to remain unchanged over time.

Keys of the classic style

Escape from minimalism: The classic style is characterized by having recharged elements. From them, he tries to represent wealth and power in a striking way. The wide and diaphanous spaces are a habitual characteristic. A classic room is a large room full of elements that invite visual pleasure. To work a classic style you have to escape from minimalism, precisely because both are based on contrary principles. Although today it is usual to find more eclectic classic proposals where contemporary elements are mixed, the principles are still very similar: an aesthetic line where the idea of ​​”the more, the better” prevails and where wealth or elegance are expressed through the material.

How To Decorate The Classic Style?

Find the balance: However, harmony remains a key element. It is not about recharging the space “by recharging”, in fact, if we do this we will cancel your personality. The objective is that all the elements that occupy the space are organized following an underlying reason and pointing to the same concept. For the result to be ordered, harmonious and elegant it is advisable to look for the symmetry in the arrangement of elements.

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Accompanying colors: Neutral colors are the most interesting solution to recreate classic environments. Within these colors, white wines stand out in all their ranges, creams or toasts. Unlike what happens with minimalism, the classic style works with heavy and forceful elements. This is reflected not only in the use of thick colors but also in the commitment to rococo and portentous furniture.

The keys of the furniture: The furniture is probably the protagonist in this type of solutions. It is advisable to opt for large furniture and curves or moldings in “s”. The wood acquires special meaning as well as the metallic elements. The Louis XV chairs and all those art deco furnitures are certainly a success.

How To Decorate The Classic Style?

Essential elements: There are more symbolic elements within the classical style that we must not ignore. These provide nuances of luxury and elegance. Some examples are a wooden sideboard, chandeliers or antiques that add aesthetic value.

On the other hand, the fabrics also acquire special relevance. Precisely because they are an option that transmits a “heavy” and voluminous concept. Velvet is very interesting options. In addition, baroque prints help to emphasize the concept of elegance and aesthetics. And of course, if the home’s clothing is made by hand it will give the perfect touch to this style of decoration.

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