Tips For Choosing Ladies Handbag

Tips For Choosing Ladies Handbag

Handbags have long been an integral part of the female appearance. And here the main thing – to choose the right ladies handbag to your image. How to do this, tell this article.

Modern women’s handbag should be comfortable for the particular case and fit into the overall style. It is clear that you should not go to a party with a beach bag, and an elegant clutch will look strange with sportswear.

But besides this, the handbag should and can focus attention on the merits of the owner’s figure, and divert attention from shortcomings.

How to adjust the shape with a ladies handbag?

Choosing a handbag, you should pay attention to its size. A large, bulk bag will help balance the overall look of the lady with the curvaceous and give the figure a little grace. A slender girl, especially short, with such a bag, will look even thinner and smaller, which generally does not improve the appearance.

Tips For Choosing Ladies Handbag

Small handbags, on the contrary, focus on the volume, and visually add kilograms. Ladies with large forms such bags should not be worn.

The shape of the bag. Soft, lush contours of the figure well complement the handbags of strict geometry, with pronounced corners and a rigid frame. Owners of angular shapes, especially when the shoulder line stands out strongly, you should pay attention to the bags of soft outlines, backpacks, and pouches. They visually smooth and “round” the shape.

The choice of handles handbags and how to wear it depends on what you need to emphasize and what to hide. The bag, especially the volume worn around the chest, visually enlarges this part of the body. Owners of a very lush bust should choose a shoulder bag or carry it in their hands so that the bust looks harmonious, relative to the figure.

If you do not want to draw attention to too wide hips, it is better to abandon bulky handbags on a long strap. Ensure that the bag is not in the hips.

We select a bag for winter clothes

For winter clothes fit classic handbag, trunk bags, and square frame bags. The size depends on the type of outerwear.

With a sheepskin coat, it is better to wear leather or suede handbag. It should be tight, with a clasp that is convenient to open and close with gloves. The color of the bag can be combined with the color of sheepskin or fur on it. Handbags with the same accessories look good, like on a sheepskin coat or with fur trim, suitable for sheepskin fur.

Tips For Choosing Ladies Handbag

A handbag made of thick fabric such as denim, leather or leatherette goes well with the park. It can be a sporty backpack or a large square bag that can be carried over the shoulder or in your hands. Which handbag to choose depends on which image you need to create? The main thing is that the handbag is not too small and elegant.

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To coat you need to choose a bag, focusing on the color of the coat. You should not pick up a handbag of the same color, it is better if it will contrast or shade the color of the coat. We should not forget the simple rule: the longer the coat, the smaller and neater the handbag should be.

With a fur coat looks the best bag made of thick leather or leatherette, nubuck or suede. Fur bag perfectly complements the fur coat, but you need to consider that not all furs are combined. It is not necessary to carry bags of jeans, straws, summer textiles and transparent plastic from the fur coat.

With a down jacket. The choice of handbag depends on the model of the down jacket, but in any case, it should be voluminous, made of thick fabric, leather or suede. Well, when the bag is combined in color with a down jacket. You can pick up a handbag with fur trim, similar to the finish of the down jacket or with the same fittings.

Tips For Choosing Ladies Handbag

Ladies handbag selection

The rule when the bag must necessarily match the shoes is no longer relevant. Now fashion allows you to pick up a bag to match clothes or as a contrasting accessory. You can ensure that the finish of the bag is in harmony with the finish on clothes, shoes or even a manicure.

When choosing a ladies handbag, you should also take into account the physique, height, color, and style of clothing, as well as lifestyle, think about how and why you will use it. Go with her to work or go for a walk, to business meetings or ceremonial receptions.

Of course, it is best when there are several different handbags available for different types of clothing and situations. But even if you stop the choice on one classical model that will fit everything, you should not forget that the bags for winter and summer are somewhat different.

Winter bags can be made of leather, suede, fur, wool fabric. Usually, they are not too bright, resistant to frost and temperature, large enough to not get lost on the background of autumn-winter clothing.

Bags for summer are brighter, can be made of leatherette, fabric, straw, plastic. Models are usually more elegant and bright, with ornaments, prints or rhinestones.

Choosing the size of the bag you need to consider how it will be used. For example, a business lady needs to choose a bag that will hold sheets of A-4 format and a lot of small things necessary for work. It is very important that such a bag was made with high quality, maybe not too expensive, but from a well-known brand.

Tips For Choosing Ladies Handbag

If you plan to carry a lot of things in your bag, you should check the strength – belts and seams must withstand the expected load. Do not interfere, and pockets so that in a crowded bag you can easily find a phone, keys or a mirror.

Practical women who do not want to give up miniature handbags can use two bags at once. One small – for small things, like cosmetics and a phone, the other – for papers and other necessary things. In this case, it is necessary to take into account that both bags must be made in the same style, but be of different sizes. One bag is worn on the strap on the shoulder, the other in the hands.

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