Do you need your boiler in the summer heat?

Now that summer’s here, your first instinct is to turn off your boiler. After all, who needs central heating in the height of summer? But before you hit that switch, take the time to find out how your boiler performs in the summer.

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One thing to bear in mind is that the energy rating on your boiler doesn’t change. Your boiler will still be as efficient in the summer as the winter. However, you do need to be aware of some issues that will impact your decision.

Polystyrene Insulation

Does your water tank have an insulating polystyrene jacket? If it does, then you can keep the boiler running so you never run out of hot water. If your tank isn’t insulated, then you’re paying to heat water that will then cool down again, wasting money and energy. Turn your boiler off or fit your water tank with an insulating jacket.

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Older Boilers

Older boilers have a pilot light that uses gas even when your boiler isn’t supplying any heating. If your boiler is a newer type, then it should have a standby mode that uses negligible energy to keep the pilot light going.

If you have an older boiler, arrange for Boiler service Cheltenham with a reputable company like before shutting it down. August and September are the perfect months to arrange a service, and you’ll then know it’s in perfect working order.

Seasonal Mode

Check to see whether your combi boiler has a seasonal mode. If it does, you can simply flick a switch to summer mode for optimised energy savings.

Thermostat Control

If your boiler has a thermostat, then that should control settings for you. Invest in a smart thermostat to make significant savings on your energy bills.

How Do You Use Your Boiler?

If you have a combi boiler that heats your water as well as your radiators, then you won’t need to turn it off during the summer. Simply choose the right setting to keep energy bills low. If you have a separate boiler and water heater, then switch the boiler off during the summer to save on energy costs. However, even if you shut down your boiler over the summer, you should run it every few weeks to make sure it’s in good working order for later in the year.

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