Great hairstyling ideas for your prom

You have bought the dress, shoes, handbag and accessories and booked the limo, so you are all sorted for your prom – but wait. Hair and makeup are just as important to finish off the perfect prom look. Don’t be fooled into thinking these are just minor details, as they can cost as much as the dress if you have them done professionally.

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Which hairstyles are suitable for the prom and how can you help to keep costs down by doing your own hair?

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Top prom hairstyles

It is worth knowing what you are wearing before you start to think about your hairstyle. If your prom dress has an intricate back panel, it seems silly to wear long hair down and cover it, as you would lose the entire effect.

If you are still looking at prom dresses and want to keep the cost down, look for somewhere that sells a good range at more affordable prices, such as

Curls are really popular for any event, not just a prom. They add volume and texture to your style and can be dressed up with accessories. Plaits and ponytails are often considered everyday styles but you can rev them up to make them perfect for your prom. Take your ponytail up high and straight for a sleek finish or add curls to give volume.

DIY hair tips

There are plenty of styles that you can achieve at home with a little research and practice; let’s be honest, it will be worth the effort if it saves you money. According to the Telegraph, prom dresses cost on average a little over £100, with many parents paying up to three times this amount, so any cost saving is helpful.

The internet is full of video tutorials you can follow to create stunning styles at a fraction of the cost of going to a salon. It is worth trying them out in advance to make sure you can create them yourself and that you are happy with the result. Many styles are better when hair has not just been washed, which is another reason to check out tutorials in advance.

Hairdressing students are often looking for models to practise on and this can be free; however, while they are generally supervised, you have to be willing to take a risk.

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