Rules For Washing Membrane Clothes

Rules For Washing Membrane Clothes

Buyers, who have made their choice in favor of membrane clothing, get a lot of advantages, the main of which are: optimal protection from moisture, cold, wind, durability, lightness of the material, stylish design. The special structure of this fabric contributes to the evaporation of moisture emitted by the human sweat glands, but at the same time prevents the penetration of sediment and wind. Thanks to the breathable waterproof membrane clothing, outdoor enthusiasts remain dry, warm, regardless of the vagaries of the weather. High-tech material has found wide application in the production of outdoor equipment: ski suits, trousers, raincoats, jackets, overalls for snowboarders, etc. True, users of the membrane will have to face a fairly high cost of equipment and some difficulties in care.

Rules For Washing Membrane Clothes

It is worth remembering: the presence of the membrane does not guarantee that an expensive jacket will protect you forever. In order to prolong its service life, in order to preserve excellent consumer qualities for the sake of which such goods are bought, outdoor equipment needs special care. What is it and how to wash the membrane clothes properly considered in this article.

How it works?

Membrane things are made from materials that allow the excess heat to be removed from the body while preventing the ingress of moisture inside. Even when the outer layer of membrane tissue gets wet, the side in contact with the body remains completely dry. For the purpose of additional protection, a special impregnation is applied – DWR, which has water-repellent properties. As a rule, the active component of an aerosol or liquid is silicone, fluorine or Teflon. As a result of intensive use of jackets and pants made of DWR membrane fabric, the coating gradually collapses. Speaking of proper care, washing the membrane means maintaining its hydrophobic (water repellent) properties, resuscitating the DWR.

Rules For Washing Membrane Clothes

Sportswear fabric is subject to contamination, as well as sweating and secretions of the sebaceous glands of the wearer adversely affect it. As soon as they penetrate the structure of the membrane material, the benefits of this garment fade. Therefore, from time to time it should be washed. If you notice that the sporting form after the rain becomes heavy, it is highly likely that the DWR coating has collapsed. This does not mean that the thing has fallen into disrepair and it is necessary to acquire new equipment. It should be properly washed and restored the waterproof fabric.

Wash: basic rules

Given the relatively high cost of equipment for outdoor, for washing manufacturers advise purchasing highly specialized tools designed exclusively for membrane clothing. Suitable for washing liquid detergent compositions that do not violate the structure, material properties. Traditional powders with abrasive particles, SMS with stain removers, chlorine, gels with enzymes do not cope with this task.

It is not often necessary to erase the membrane since its surface repels dirt. Before washing it is necessary:

  • check/get left in the pockets of little things;
  • detach the fur elements, all removable parts;
  • fasten all buttons, buttons, zippers;
  • fittings preferably stick tape;
  • Carefully examine the label for special requirements.

Rules For Washing Membrane Clothes

Washing technology: hand and machine

When using special equipment: shampoos, other liquid formulations, it is allowed to wash outer clothing without soaking before. Heavily contaminated products are immersed in the basin, leaving no more than 1.5-2 hours in solution. It is forbidden to rub each other’s elements of a suit, twist, squeeze a waterproof fabric. The most polluted areas: the collar, cuffs, the inner part of the sleeves, it is permissible to gently rub the fuzzy brush or foam sponge. Prepare a bowl of cool water for rinsing, put the clothes in it. After 15-20 minutes, remove, let drain excess moisture and re-immerse the jacket, carefully remember her hands.

To remove dirt in the washing machine, monitor the temperature (it should not exceed +40 ° C). Turn on the mode “Delicate wash” or “Sport”, set the spin at low speeds. During the washing of equipment from the membrane, it is important not to use bleach, conditioners, SMS to remove stains. They adversely affect the integrity of the membrane. The best special tools for washing produce brands: Grangers, Nikwax; Holmenkol, Collonil, whose compositions are absolutely harmless to membrane materials. Any product effectively cleans the membrane from impurities, sweat, without clogging the porous structure during washing, helping to preserve the breathable and water-repellent qualities of the material. Liquid-based formulations prevent the build-up of static electricity, and due to low foaming do not require multiple rinsing, which favorably affects the unique properties of membrane clothing. For the removal of unpleasant odors from the fabric during washing, natural extracts are responsible, which are enriched with gels, shampoos, for example, green tea extract.

Squeeze such clothes should not be. To dry the jumpsuit, trousers of membrane material, hang things on the hanger or lay on a flat surface in a well-ventilated area. Putting them on the battery, use other heating devices is also not recommended.

Impregnation for outdoor clothing

After completing the washing, drying, you can proceed to restore the DWR coating of your jumpsuit, costume, and windbreakers. Just washed the thing before processing does not need to be dried. If you chose a water-repellent spray, spray the composition on clean clothes and leave to dry on a hanger. A significant minus of aerosols is the probability of uneven application. Another way to handle outdoor equipment is to rinse the product in a special composition. It is possible to iron the membrane, but only with a warm iron, placing dense fabric between it and the product.

Membrane pants, overalls, jackets are subject to increased wear. So that your favorite equipment faithfully served you for several seasons and did not lose its unique qualities, when caring for it follow these simple but important tips. Otherwise, outerwear will lose its high-tech properties in just one wash!

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