Scandinavian-inspired interior tips

Scandinavian homes are known for having a pure, simple style that focuses on clean lines, elegance, functionality, and high-quality craftsmanship. The style makes use of light and earth tones, with a minimal use of ornamentation. These tips can help any homeowner capture a Scandinavian style.

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Wood Flooring

Flooring shows up as a highlight in any home, and Scandinavian homes tend to have wooden floors in all rooms other than the bathroom. To truly capture the Scandinavian style and create a beautiful house, light wood is best.

Color Use

You will want to have white walls in order to capture the true style. Gray and blue accents throughout the room are a nice way to keep the colors muted without getting too vibrant.


According to Elle Decor, wood is the best material to use for a Scandinavian style. Incorporating cladding on the walls and ceiling can add both warmth and texture to the room. If you want to take some of the yellow out of pine or oak woods, use gray oil to bring in the right colors.

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Form and Function

It is best to buy furniture with clean and simple lines. The furniture should have light colors in order to bring the whole style together. It is okay to vary the tone of the colors as long as they are all natural, earthy tones. Keep in mind that everything needs to be very livable and functional. You won’t want a lot of items in the room that aren’t useful in some way or another.

Corner Fireplaces

Scandinavian homes often have fireplaces in the room, but they are not always the focal point of a grand room as they are in other styles. They are often incorporated into a living room to add an element of interest as well as somewhere for the family together together. A Wood Burning Stove Northern Ireland company will be able to show you a variety of options that would fit in perfectly to a Scandinavian themed decor.

Features Outdoor/Indoor Rooms

Scandinavian homes also often have a connection between the inside and outside of the home. There are terraces on even the smallest of apartments. Entertaining outdoors in the nice weather is very important. Taking the interior and extending it into an exterior living space that you can still see from inside completes the overall look.

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