8 Top Incredible Hotels Of The World

8 Top Incredible Hotels Of The World

Hotels are a very significant and quite popular part of modern life because more and more people are eager to travel and relax. What tricks the hotel business owners just don’t want to attract more customers? Who takes the location or unique architecture, who improves the quality of service or introduces highly non-standard services, and who tries to highlight their offspring with a fantastic design? About the most fantastic and incredible hotels that do not just stand out from the others, but leave a stunning impression on visitors, we will tell in this review.

Even without being a keen traveler, looking at these incredible hotels, you will want to immediately pack your bags and go on a journey only in order to see such transcendent originality with your own eyes.

Here The list Of 8 Top Incredible Hotels Of The World

8 Top Incredible Hotels Of The World

1. Floating Hotel (Zanzibar)

The small island of Pemba, which is located in the Indian Ocean near the coast of Zanzibar, inspired the owners to build the underwater Incredible hotels. After all, the purest waters that surround it, white sand and corals, a rich flora and fauna have become an ideal place for an unforgettable vacation.

This artificially created swimming complex has three different levels, which fully open up all the beauties of the surrounding nature because of its huge panoramic windows with a 360-degree view delight visitors.

8 Top Incredible Hotels Of The World

2. Hotel Fairy Chimney Inn (Turkey)

This unusual Fairy Chimney Inn was carved into the rocks from the tuff of the famous Cappadocia stone pillars in Göreme. Its stone rooms will satisfy the needs of any guest, because they are decorated not only with traditional oriental luxury, but also provided with all modern amenities.

The outdoor terrace allows you to admire the delightful and picturesque landscape at any time of the day.

8 Top Incredible Hotels Of The World

3. An ice hotel in the village of Yukkasjarvi (Sweden)

Incredible hotels, built of snow and ice, is the largest in the world of similar projects. For 25 years, every winter, artists from all over the world come to this icy kingdom to create their own art objects that will delight and amaze visitors during the entire period of the complex.

On its territory, along with the unusual ice numbers, there is simply a fantastic church, in which the newlyweds aspire to hold an unforgettable marriage ceremony. Every season they create a new bar and restaurant in which all food and drinks are served exclusively in dishes from ice.

8 Top Incredible Hotels Of The World

4. Hotel Free Spirit Spheres (Canada)

For those who love unity with nature, the absolutely unusual hotel Free Spirit Spheres was created. Its unique rooms are made of wood and state-of-the-art materials in the form of spheres and are located in a secluded and picturesque park area on Vancouver Island.

It is not only the shape of these wonderful rooms that is surprising, but also their location – they are suspended in the trees at a height of 3-4 meters.

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8 Top Incredible Hotels Of The World

5. Hotel complex Kakslauttanen in Lapland (Finland)

This tourist complex is located in the Arctic Circle and has twenty glass igloos (typical Eskimo dwelling). Through their transparent ceiling, you can admire not only the starry sky but also the northern lights (if lucky), without leaving your comfortable home. Despite the seeming fragility and unusualness of the building material, inside the rooms, it is always warm and cozy even in the most severe frosts.

8 Top Incredible Hotels Of The World

6. Conrad Maldives Hotel (Maldives)

The luxurious tourist complex Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is located on two picturesque islands – Rangali and Rangali-Finola, which are connected by a bridge and are truly a paradise on earth.

Excellent landscaped villas, located both on the beach and on the water, allow you to choose the best option for your vacation, to get a lot of impressions from the amazing nature and clear ocean water.

8 Top Incredible Hotels Of The World

7. Hotel Scher Cliff (Switzerland)

This extraordinary guesthouse was built in the 19th century on a sheer cliff of the Swiss Alps mountain range, not far from the small village of Weiss bad. The road to it is no less impressive than the hotel itself, so lovers of extreme relaxation and rush here in search of adventure and unforgettable impressions of the surrounding nature.

8 Top Incredible Hotels Of The World

8. Bubble-hotel chain Attrap Reves in Provence (France)

The very original design of the rooms of the bubbles of this unusual hotel is designed so that travelers can find shelter in conditions as close as possible to nature, but without excessive moisture, cramping and hordes of insects (as happens in tents).

All the tiny hotels of the network consist of 3-5 inflatable transparent or translucent rooms-bubbles, which are scattered in the most picturesque places of France. They have a very modest interior, but this is offset by the magnificent scenery and the starry sky, which you can contemplate without leaving the room.

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