The 10 most beautiful cities in Switzerland


What are the most beautiful cities in Switzerland? Here is the ranking of the 10 most important cities: discover the main destinations to visit in Switzerland.

Switzerland is the place where technology, high-level infrastructures, modern urban areas and idyllic mountain landscapes meet, giving life to a very particular reality. Despite being an avant-garde country, it remains a nation full of dreamlike landscapes and characteristic customs. Analyzing them from this point of view, let’s see what are the ten most beautiful cities in Switzerland!

1 – Geneva

Central hub of the whole region in the fields of economics, health, education, culture and transport, Geneva is home to WHO and WTO headquarters, as well as twenty-five museums, including the clock. From the beautiful historic center, Geneva’s main tourist attractions include the Reformation Wall, the flowered clock, the Brunswick Monument to Charles II, the Jet d’eau (Water Jet) and the Palais des Nations, which houses the United Nations European headquarters.

In a cosmopolitan city like Geneva certainly cannot miss the social life, located for the most part in the Carouge district, where it is possible to breathe the bohemian spirit. For nature lovers, the Mon Repons botanical gardens are the right place to admire around ten thousand different plant species.

2 – Lausanne

Lausanne is the fourth largest city in Switzerland and is located on the northern shore of Lake Geneva.

Important center of banking and university commercial activities, in 1994 it was declared Olympic Capital and is therefore home to the International Olympic Committee.

The park of Sauvabelin, one of the main attractions of the city, is ideal for those who love being in contact with nature, perhaps surrounded by deer, peacocks and various birds, which you can see.

Furthermore, Lausanne is home to the Musée dell’Elysee dedicated to photography, the Hermitage Foundation, the Pipe Museum and many others.

3 – Montreux

Montreux and its 26,629 inhabitants are known worldwide for their relationship with the entertainment world: it hosts some notable festivals, including the Montreux Jazz Festival, as well as being linked to the biography of numerous great artists. Typical tourist town, it stands on the shores of Lake Geneva, between the slopes of the mountains and the lake.

Characteristic is its main street, lined with flowers, sculptures, Mediterranean trees and imposing Belle Époque style buildings. Continuing along the road it is possible to reach the top of a hill, which offers a splendid view over the whole city. Walking on the shores of the lake you can see some of the beauties that make the city very characteristic. On one side, we have a small island, adjacent to the shore, which houses the Chillon Castle, built in medieval times. On the other hand, stands the statue of Freddie Mercury, who spent the last years of his life here, and bought, together with the rest of the Queen, a recording studio.

4 – Bern

The capital of Switzerland stands on a peninsula created by the Aare river, populated by its 130,015 inhabitants. The city is home to an important historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site, made famous by the Clock Tower and Einstein’s house, in which he developed his theory of relativity. Going then to the Cathedral of Bern, and looking for the strength and courage to climb the 254 steps of the tower, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the place, which allows you to admire even Rosegarten, the rose garden from above.

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5 – Lucerne

Lucerne, known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, stands on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Its colorful Altstadt district, the old city, is bordered to the north by the Museggmauer, a bastion of the fourteenth century 870 meters long and comprising nine towers, of which three can be visited. The Kapellbrücke covered bridge (chapel bridge), built in 1333, connects the Altstadt to the right bank of the Reuss River, and is the most characteristic attraction of the city, along with the Sleeping Lion, symbol of Lucerne.

6 – Zurich

Zurich is divided into 12 districts, and has a population of 402,762, which makes it the largest city in Switzerland. Along the shores of Lake Zurich, where the city is located, there is the Blatterwiese garden, frequented by sports lovers, which characterizes the panorama, once you have climbed the towers of the ancient Grossmunster Cathedral. At the Lindenhof instead, the particular elevated square, it is possible to enjoy a splendid view of the historic center. Going to the church of Frumunster, you will be able to admire the windows decorated even by Chagall.

Zurich is a very lively city with a thousand activities: in August there are athletic meetings and street parades, and on the third Monday of April there is a fashion show and, of course, at Christmas the city offers a show not to be missed.

7 – Crans-Montana

Crans-Montana is a Swiss municipality of 10,711 inhabitants in the Canton of Valais, decidedly “new”: it was established on 1 January 2017 with the merger of the suppressed municipalities of Chermignon, Mollens, Montana and Randogne.

The city is a famous ski resort, which offers 160 km of slopes and 40 ski lifts. Also frequented during the summer by lovers of trekking and climbing, Crans-Montana owes its fame also to the Plaine Morte: a glacier about 10 square km at 3,000 meters high.

8 – St. Moritz

Saint Moritz is a Swiss municipality of 5,067 inhabitants located in the Upper Engandine, on the left bank of the Inn, and overlooks the lake of the same name. Renowned winter tourist destination, the town has hosted numerous international sporting events, including two editions of the Winter Olympic Games, and boasts three ski areas: Corviglia, Diavolezza and Corvatsch, and about 200 km of cross -country skiing trails.

Visiting the center you can immediately see the luxury that distinguishes the city, characterized by the Dorfkirche and St. Karl churches.

9 – Zermatt

Zermatt is a Swiss municipality of 5,714 inhabitants. Renowned winter and summer tourism station of the Alps, specialized in alpine skiing, with numerous ski lifts and many kilometers of slopes.

Located at the foot of the Matterhorn, at an altitude of 1,600 meters, Zermatt can only be reached by a train leaving from Tasch. The old part of the town still has the old houses of the past, while the new one is characterized by commercial luxury. What makes the area special are the spectacular views, dominated above all by the Matterhorn.

10 – Lugano

Lugano, with its 151,522 inhabitants, is the main urban center of Italian Switzerland, and extends from the slopes of San Salvatore to Monte Brè to the top of Gazzirola. A very popular tourist resort, Lugano is also one of the leading international banking centers.

It is among the Swiss cities most loved by Italians, thanks to its linguistic and geographical proximity. Among its main attractions we have the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, which is located right in the historic center of the city, the LAC- Lugano Art and Culture – the cultural center of the city, which houses the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Lido of Lugano, the beach of the Swiss: open every day, from May to September, it is the ideal place for sunbathing, relax or indulge in sport. In the lido, in fact, there is an Olympic-size swimming pool, children’s pools and even a pool for diving from the trampoline. For risk lovers, in the evening you can take a trip to the Casino to challenge your luck.

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